i am a ux designer

With a focus on users, I strive to deliver a holistic experience.

Immersive Research

Immersive Research

user empathy / frameworks / persona / journey maps / strategic visualizations

User-centered Conceptualization

User-Centered Conceptualization

brainstorming / storyboards / wireframes / requirement definition / information architecture

Iterative Execution

Iterative Execution

rapid prototyping / user testing

some of my weapons

and never have I ceased to learn.

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work i’ve done

Not afraid to march into the unknown, I am always seeking challenges.


L andMine is my master’s thesis project. It is a location-based messaging and gifting app concept. Applying user-centered design knowledge, I went through phases of design research, ideation, prototyping, user testing, and iteration. By facilitating the creation of shared memories and prompting people to reconnect, the app can help people maintain a long-distance relationship. (August – December, 2013)

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G uguBird is a mobile news feed application that will push news entries based on user preferences. Featuring unique gesture motions  and one-hand control, GuguBird brings an enhanced user experience to our target user–people on the go. GuguBird won first place among more than 400 entries in the 2012 Panguso Mobile Searching Innovation Competition. (June – October, 2012)

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PurplePark is a parking app concept aimed at providing students with an enhanced parking experience on Northwestern’s campus. It was a course project for Human-Computer Interaction. (January – March, 2013)

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O rbit is an audio-driven system aimed at providing users with an enhanced in-home experience with their mobile devices. Orbit was developed in a team-based class project with Samsung as our client. (January – March, 2013) Read more

Internship at Crispin Porter + Bogusky

I n the summer of 2013, I had the honor to intern with one of the top advertising agencies in the world, CP+B, in their UX department at the Los Angeles office. I had the chance to work on multiple client projects and pitches, honing my UX design skills to solve clients’ business challenges.

(June – August, 2013)

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Product Innovation

T his is a team-based innovation project focused one of P&G’s consumer products. We used anthropological and behavioral consumer research techniques to understand user needs, generate insights, convert insights to unique design solutions, and evaluate prototype solutions. We developed a portfolio of prototype solutions to address very challenging business, consumer and technical constraints. (September – December, 2012)

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D ig-8 (Discover, Innovate, and Grow) is a program aimed at introducing manufacturing and product development to 8th graders. The two-quarter program was an inspiring journey, not only to the 8th graders, but also to everyone else involved: designers from Beyond Design Inc., teachers from Nettelhorst Middle School, and university mentors from Northwestern University. (January – July 2013)

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H ired by Benevolent.net, we started our adventure in service design and innovation for non-profits. The design process emphasized collaboration and rapid iteration – expressing and testing ideas with an audience in a virtuous cycle. The teams presented a portfolio of designs, some of which will be implemented in the near future. (April – July, 2013)

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Weaver 1.0

I designed Weaver 1.0, an adjustable tapestry weaving frame, as my bootcamp project in EDI. The goal of the project was to apply user-centered design knowledge to improve user experience. (September, 2012)

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F reeType is a keyboard layout designed to improve the efficiency of Chinese input method. It started as a course project. We then took the project to the 29th Tsinghua University Challenge Cup Research and Innovation Contest. FreeType received second prize in the Contest. (September, 2010 – July 2011) Read more


A urora, a music categorization WordPress plugin. Aurora was a course project, the goal of which was to design an application using database knowledge. The idea of Aurora was to recommend and play classical music pieces according to user specifications.(September, 2010 – January, 2011)

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Design Communication

Works from the course Design Communication and Method.  Read more


A visual bio, fun facts about myself.

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Some sketches I made using Paper 53 (iPad app).

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